study destinations of multi cultural students

Canada at a glance

Canada is the second largest country in the world. Canada offers excellent opportunities as one of the best educational systems in the world. It is an ethnically diverse country. The educational institutions provide the perfect setup for innovation. Canada is a safe country with a wonderful health care system. It has received consistent votes as the most stable economy in the world. Some popular cities include Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary.

Canada is a go-to destination for thousands of international students. These students make a beeline for Canada, thanks to its world-class cities, vast wilderness and culture of inclusiveness and diversity. It has been ranked several times as the “best place to live” and the “best place to study. People choose Canada as one of the best places for visiting, working, and investing.

The country is a world leader in computer and information technology. It enjoys a reputation for excellence in telecommunications, transportation and engineering fields. The campus life is amazing, and there are plenty of fantastic on-campus and off-campus job opportunities. International students will be happy to know that the job prospects are good.

Research is a critical component of Canadian universities as it plays a major role at the forefront of technology. Canada has plenty to offer in terms of learning as well as leisure. It is a country that is accommodative of all cultures, ethnic backgrounds and races and encourages multicultural diversity.

Canada is home to some of the top universities in the world. According to QS World Ranking, four of the top universities in the world hail from Canada. The average tuition cost in Canada is less than in certain other countries, for instance, the United States. There are more than 600 thousand international students currently pursuing their studies in Canada, making it the 3rd most popular destination for international students.

You can find your choice of course in Canada, given the wide variety of options. IT, Management, Hospitality, Agriculture, Biosciences and Media & Journalism are some of the most popular choices.

Indians in Canada

Canada is one of the safest countries for Indians, and over 70% of them choose to live in cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Smaller places like Calgary, Edmonton, and Montreal are recently becoming preferred destinations. If you are looking for trusted education consultants in Tamilnadu, Imperial Pathways is the best choice

When to Apply: At least 8 months before the course commencement date.

Tuition Fees: $13k to $25k per year

Food and Living Cost: $10K to $15K per year

Scholarship: Available


Course Duration: UG – 4 years, PG – 2 Years

Part-Time Job: 20 hours on campus. Students can work full-time during vacation, and dependents are allowed to come along.

Post Study Work: 3 years. An 18 months extension is available for the graduate’s work permit that has expired between September 20, 2021, and December 31, 2022.

Opportunity for Residency: Yes

Scholarships for international students in Canada

International students can avail merit and need-based fee waivers. Candidates with strong academic records, exemplary performance in standardized exams and extracurricular activities are eligible for scholarship awards and financial assistance.

To take advantage of these opportunities, one has to send all the necessary documents before deadlines. Additionally, the way the application is presented carries weight because one is judged by the image one projects. You can find limited scholarships for international students in Canada when compared to those available in Australia or the United Kingdom.

College or University scholarships: Most of them are entrance scholarships, which are available for the majority of international students and one need not apply for them.

Government-funded scholarships: Foreign students can apply to graduate and undergraduate scholarships offered by the Canadian government.

Merit scholarships: Many universities in Canada offer merit scholarships to students who have achieved good grades in academics, arts, sports, or community work.

Financial scholarships: Many people know financial scholarships as bursaries too. It is available for international students who require finance to pursue their education in Canada.

Privately-funded scholarships: There are some private donors and a few businesses that fund the students.

Canada University Admission and Visa Process

Application processes vary by province. Students can apply through a central application service in some provinces. In other provinces, you must make a direct application to the university. International students typically enter during the September and January semesters.

However, many universities have a “rolling admissions” procedure where they take in international students all year round. The student visa application process for Canada is straightforward and hassle-free.

  • Free one-to-one counseling on available university options and tips on choosing the right university.
  • Submission of required documents.
  • Getting an acceptance letter from the university.
  • Attestation of the documents by the institution / foreign ministry.
  • Statement of Purpose / A letter of intent
  • Visa Application (Check Citizenship and Immigration Canada website).
  • Provide a letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution.
  • Deliver proof of sufficient financial capability to support your studies in Canada.
  • Transferring of first semester’s tuition fees to the University.


What next, after graduation?

Canada provides fantastic work opportunities, and students can work there for a limited period post graduating. To qualify for a work permit post-graduation, you must have graduated from a public institution or undergone a recognized degree program from a private institution. You can apply for permanent residency once you have worked for a few years in Canada.

Who can apply?

  • The course must have been at least eight months long.
  • The course must provide you with a degree, diploma, or certificate.
  • You were a full-time student during each semester of your studies (excluding the final semester or approved study breaks).

How long you can stay in Canada on a post-graduation work permit will depend on your study programme duration. If your study programme lasted for around eight months and two years, you will most likely receive a PGWP that lasts the same length as your studies. If your study programme was two years or longer, your PGWP will have a 3-year validity.

If you studied more than one programme, you could be eligible for a PGWP that combines the length of each programme. An 18-months extension is available for graduates whose work permit has expired or will expire between the dates: September 20, 2021, and December 31, 2022.

Popular Universities 

University/college QS World Rankings Times Higher Education
University of Toronto 34 18
McGill University 31 44
University of British Columbia 47 37
Université de Montréal 116 88
University of Alberta 110 125
Mcmaster University 152 80
University of Waterloo 154 201-250
Western University 172 201-250
University of Ottawa 237 162
University of Calgary 242 201-250
Queen’s University 246 251-300
Dalhousie University 308 251-300
Simon Fraser University 328 201-250
University of Victoria 359 301-350
Laval University 433 251-300
University of Saskatchewan 473 501-600
York University 456 401-500
Concordia University 551-560 601-800
University of Guelph 591-600 501-600
Carleton University 601-650 601-800