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Sweden at a glance

Sweden is a Nordic country that is renowned for its high education standards and emphasis on research. This innovative country has excellent standards of living. The education system is unconventional and encourages innovative ideas and creative thinking. It encourages a new way of thinking and learning.

Sweden has a long history of academic excellence. It is a fun, exciting and dynamic country to study and work in. You can learn to work together as a team, something you may not consider if you study elsewhere. Teamwork and cooperation tend to be the focus in universities in Sweden, and the learning environment is open and flexible.

Sweden ranks high as the world’s most innovative nation. As such, it is well-adapted to meet the needs and expectations of international students. There is a lot of importance given to sustainable development, and you can spot glimpses of it in its education system, as well.

The natural beauty of Sweden is stunning with a plethora of natural landscapes and magnificent scenery. Huge forests, beaches, not to mention, snow-capped mountains make it a lovely country that will appeal to nature lovers. There are more than 4000 natural reserves with plenty of leisure activities to choose from, including hiking, fishing, swimming and skiing.

When to Apply: Application opens on 17th October and Closes on 16th January every year.

Tuition Fees: SEK 75,000 to SEK 2,50,000 per annum. 

Food and Living Cost: SEK 8K per annum. 

Scholarship: Possible

Exams: Medium of Instruction Certificate.

Course Duration: UG – 3 and 4 years, PG -1 and 2 Years

Part-Time Job: 20 hours on campus.

Post-Study Work: 6 months.

Up until 2010, students can study for free in Sweden. Affter that, the Government has passed a law to charge tuition fee and application fee for students from non-EU countries which is supplemented by Swedish Scholarship Programs. Many Swedish Universities offer scholarships in the form of tuition waivers for international students.

Sweden Study Visa fee is SEK 1,500. Students are required to make an online payment.

Documents required for application:
1. A valid passport with at least 6 months validity at the time of application.
2. Enrolment letter from a University.
3. Tuition Fee Transfer Proof.
4. Proof of financial capacity.
5. Class 12 / UG mark-sheet and certificate.
6. A letter requesting why you have chosen Sweden as the country for your studies.
7. Fill out the residence permit application form online.
7. Submit the biometric information and photographs at the Sweden embassy after getting a confirmation email.

After completion of the higher education, candidate can apply for the extension of the Residence Permit to find suitable employment ot to start their own business. This extension is for the maximum period of 6 months. During the period, if the candidate finds a job related to the field of study with the qualified minimum salary criteria, he/she can get a Work Permit in Sweden.

Why study in Sweden?

Sweden is home to some of the best universities in the world and the quality of education is stellar. Sweden is home to the largest number of multinationals per capita than any country in the world.

When you pursue your higher education in Sweden, you will get unique opportunities to turn theory into practice. Many of these programs have close tie-ups with the industry, which in turn, gives students the ability to combine study and practical work.

Moreover, many internship programs offered in Sweden give students a chance to build a strong international network. One thing that is truly unique to Sweden is that there is no legal limit on working hours for students during the course tenure.

Swedish universities value initiative and independent thinking. Its thriving culture promotes diversity, openness and equality. All of this makes it a conducive environment for international students. Whatever it is that you wish to study, you can be sure to find it in Sweden.

Popular Universities & Courses

Popular Universities

University QS Ranking 2023 THE Ranking 2022 ARWU Ranking 2022
KTH Royal Institute of Technology 89 201 201
Lund University 95 116 151
Chalmers University of Technology 125 251 401
Uppsala University 128 131 89
Stockholm University 153 176 90
University of Gothenburg 185 185 101
Linköping University 320 251 301
Umeå University 369 351 501
Karlstad University 801
Karolinska Institutet 39 41
Linnaeus University 801
SLU – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences 301 301
Stockholm School of Economics 401
Örebro University 401 601

Popular Courses

  1. Masters in Engineering Management
  2. Masters in Mechanical Engineering
  3. Masters in Entrepreneurship
  4. Masters in Supply Chain Management
  5. Masters in Renewable Energy