Scholarships & Bank Loan Assistance

Studying abroad is expensive. World-class education does not come at a cheaper cost, and so many international students need some form of financial aid to fully or partially cover their study and living costs. So it is important to arrange the finance before applying to universities abroad. Fortunately, scholarships, and financial aids are provided by almost every university in the world.  You can approach banks for financial help. Many banks provide education loans that cover the majority of educational costs. Receiving financial support could help you achieve your dreams.

The competition for scholarships is very high and often has stringent eligibility criteria. Academic history is considered an important criterion. So if you can prove you’re a top student with impressive study achievements, you should apply for a scholarship. If you perform thorough research, meet the eligibility criteria and craft a strong application you stand a great chance of securing a scholarship. Applications for scholarships vary. In most cases, they will involve an application form. Some might ask you to complete a written test and attend an interview as well. Scholarships come in all shapes and sizes. They also come from a surprising amount of sources. We help you get scholarships in your dream university and help you get education loans in India.

We have every detail of the scholarships and procedures to get it for you.

University Scholarships: Most universities offer financial aid for international students in some form.

Financial scholarships: Some universities award needs-based scholarships to international students.

Merit Scholarships: Students with excellent records in academics, sports, cultural activities, & community services may enhance scholarship prospects.

Country-based Scholarships: These scholarships are aimed at students from developing countries, in particular.

Like Government-funded Scholarships, Private company-funded grants and many more scholarships are available for International students.