South Korea

study destinations of multi cultural students

Korean universities and colleges offer many different programs of varying lengths so it is important to collect specific information about the desired program.

The admission period for spring is between September to November, and for fall, it is between April to June. The exact application period may start at different times depending on universities, thus it is important to check application schedules and deadlines in advance.

Doctoral degree – At least 3 years
Master’s degree – At least 2 years
Bachelor’s degree – 4 to 6 years
Associate degree – 2 to 3 years
Language course – 1 to 2 year(s)

When to Apply:

Tuition Fees:

Food and Living Cost:


Course Duration:

Part-Time Job:

Post-Study Work:


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South Korea is becoming a popular choice for international students, with a steady increase in their numbers each year. In 2015, South Korea ranked as the 11th largest global economy based on GDP. While English isn’t widely spoken, many university students and young people are fluent in English.

For those looking to study in South Korea, there are various scholarships available from both the government and universities, often based on GPA.

  1. Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) for Degree Programs:
    • Covers airfare, tuition, monthly allowance, medical insurance, settlement allowance, and degree completion grants.
    • Application period starts in September for undergraduate programs and February for postgraduate programs.
  2. GKS Non-degree Program for Foreign Exchange Students:
    • Open to students from all fields with excellent grades.
    • Includes benefits like airfare, living expenses, medical insurance, and settlement allowance.
  3. KF Fellowship for Postdoctoral Research:
    • Available for scholars who recently earned a PhD in Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts, Cultural Studies, or related fields with a focus on Korea.
    • Stipend amount determined based on the review of proposals and regional circumstances.
  4. KF Scholarship for Graduate Studies:
    • Open to MA students or PhD candidates in humanities, social sciences, arts, cultural studies, or relevant fields with a Korean-related research topic.
    • Scholarship amount varies by region, and application schedules differ accordingly.

These scholarships offer financial support for various aspects of study, making South Korea an attractive destination for international students.

Details will be published soon.

Details will be published soon.

Details will be published soon.